Catherine Godek

founder, creator, do-er of all the things

Tel. 404.655.7594
E.  hello@saintlaurel.co

Saint Laurel Co. is my passion project that was birthed after a long season of learning, grieving, creating, and pretending to know what I'm doing. I've tried a lot of creative outlets throughout my life, but one thing I have always loved is pretty, pretty paper. I love holding books, I love the feel of soft, cotton paper, I adore a deckled edge. My greatest pleasure is creating frame-worthy pieces of art to celebrate you, your milestones, and your passions. 

Saint Laurel Co. is, in almost every way, an homage to my late mother. She was the encourager of my creative voice and a source of strength and dignity. She had art and music living inside her. So when I decided to embark on this venture, I knew it had to be in dedication to her. Her name was Laura, coming from the word laurel, a symbol of victory. I believe she had victory, even despite her death. And I, too, have had victory over my own demons. She is a saint in my eyes, and so in a way, my saint of creativity.